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      Guangzhou Suplast Co., Ltd

      Slump Retaining Additive

      Excellence in Polycarboxylate-based Concrete Admixtures
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      SPT-B90 data sheet

      Suplast®  SPT-B60

      High Range Water-Reducing Admixture

         Suplast® SPT-B60 is a high range water-reducing admixture . Its unique formulation is based on the polycarboxylate technology. SPT-B60 meets the requirements of GB8076-2008, standard of the P. R. of China.

       Applications SPT-B60 is recommended for high strength precast concrete products and ready-mixed concrete, whenever high plasticity, prolonged slump retention, and increased early/ ultimate strengths are required. SPT-B60 can be used for production of Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) High Performance Concrete (HPC) of high flow and low ratio of water to cementitious materials, as well as for production of conventional slump concrete.
       Performance The fluidity of cement paste dosed with SPT-B60 shows the performance as follows.

       Benefits When used as a high range water reducing admixture, water reduction up to 35% can be obtained. The superplasticizing action allows for the production of high slump flowing concrete with excellent workability and prolonged slump retention that can be placed with less vibration even at a very low water/cementtitious materials ratio. The dispersing action improves cement hydration efficiency and increases early and long term compressive strengths of the concrete . Prolonged slump retention does not have negative effect on set times.

      At a lower dosage,  SPT-B60 can be used as a cost effective mid range water reducing admixture (about 20% water reduction) for production of conventional slump concrete and ready-mixed concrete. This application is ideal for use with lean, harsh concrete mixes or concrete containing flyash. SPT-B60 will improve workability and finishability.

      The combined water reducing and superplasticizing action provide the following benefits:

      .Prolonged slump retention will extend workability and make pumping-transfer easily. 

      .Increased slump improves workability and reduces labor costs.

      .Much higher early and ultimate strengths for cost effective high strength concrete and
      earlier structural use of concrete.

      .Accelerated  early strengths allow faster demolding and more efficient use of forms to
      precast producers.

      .Higher concrete density reduces permeability and increases durability.

      SPT-B60 does not contain  any other intentionally added chlorides and will not initiate corrosion on steel reinforcement in the concrete.

      Dosage For concrete with compressive strength of 30Mpa-50Mpa, the dosage is 0.12%-0.18%(in solid) of the weight of cementitious materials. For concrete with strength more than 50Mpa, the dosage is 0.20%-0.30%. Some retarders (such as Sodium Gluconate) may be added for ready-mixed concrete to prolong the setting times.  
      Specification Concentration: 40%, 50%

      Specific gravity: approx.1.16-1.20

      Appearance Yellowish liquid
      Package 30kg,250kg barrels and 1000kg tanks are available for export.
      Shelf life When stored in dry and cool warehouses, the shelf life is 24 months.

              SPT-B60 is a concentrated product with 50% of solid for lower-cost delivery. It is not directly used for concrete mixing. SPT-B60 is  usually diluted with water and/or combined with some retarders (sodium gluconate etc.) in order to prolong the set times for long-distance transport or some special purposes. The appropriate  concentration of application is about 20%.

              Technical supports for applications are always prompt, effect and satisfied from our experienced engineers.

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